Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On Starting to Blog...again

Originally posted October 28, 2014 (personal blog)

This week, I attended the annual MOREnet conference in Columbia, Missouri.  While it isn't a nationally-recognized event and likely not a blip on the radars of most people, teachers included, it is always an amazing experience.  I enjoy working with technology, much to the boredom of my fellow teachers, family, and friends.  It's not something that "turns off" when school is out.  It's rare when I'm not at least contemplating how to improve a lesson.  While driving back this evening, I was recounting the many things I learned (some re-learned) that I'll never be able to fully write down and wondering to myself: 'How anyone does this in the confines of their own classroom.  Better yet, why would anyone not want to experience this environment?!'  I sought out this opportunity.  Submitted a presentation proposal and presented in, quite possibly, the most intimidating time slot ever...following the Keynote speaker: Dave Burgess (who was dressed as a pirate).  Could it have gone better?  I'm sure.  There's always room for improvement and I'm no exception.

This blog is my attempt at collecting my lessons and resources.  No promises on frequency (or efficiency).  These posts are for me, but you are welcome to them as well.

When I return to my classroom tomorrow morning, I know the hours spent writing sub plans and time away from my students was worth it.  I often tell my students that not asking or not trying is an automatic "no".  While I was the only one from my school to attend, by no means was I alone.  I return to my building stronger and MORE connected.

Thank you to those who made this week's conference a success.  Thank you to those who decide to attend, when they could stay at home or in their classrooms.  Thank you to those who engage in meaningful conversation with strangers when they could just as easily turn their backs.  Thank you for sharing your passion for teaching, for being strong enough to talk in front of adults, and most importantly...for letting me be me.

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