Sunday, May 7, 2017

#tlap Chat Questions 5/8/17

Here are the questions for May 8th Teach Like a Pirate #tlap chat, taking place at 8pm CST/9pm EST.  Use these questions to plan/draft your answers so you can participate in the conversation.  Follow @i3algebra and the #tlap hashtag to participate in the chat.

The chat will use the Q1/A1 format.  Questions posted will begin with Q_, answers to questions should begin with A_ and include the chat hashtag #tlap.

INTRO: Introduce yourself!  Who you are, where you're from,, and what you teach.  If this is your first #tlap, @mention who invited you.

Q1: PLANNING COMMITTEE: What Twitter chat advice do you have for those new to #tlap tonight? OR If you're new here, what is a question you have about Twitter or Twitter chats?

Q2: THE PROMPOSAL: What is your "Promposal" story?  How did you first get involved on Twitter?

Q3: THE VENUE: Some Schools elect to host prom in-house, while others seek out different locales.  Where do you go to expand your learning and PLN (professional learning network)?

Q4: SLOW DANCE: What are you head-over-heels about with education right now (lesson/topic)?

Q5: WALLFLOWERS: Some of us began on Twitter and #tlap as "lurkers" on the side.  What is a risk you took this year?  OR  How can we help others find comfort outside their comfort zones?

Q6: KING & QUEEN: Who are the people who have had the most impact on you as an educator this year?  Why?  (Don't forget to @mention)

Q7: Find someone without a reply to one of their answer tweets tonight and leave a comment adding to the discussion and/or to further the discussion.  (I encourage you to try to do this throughout the chat, but we will focus on it for the last portion)


Some tips for a great chat experience:

  • Use TweetDeck or similar service to search for #tlap during the chat.
  • Use 1 column for #tlap and another for the chat host (@i3lagebra this week)
  • If using TweetDeck, delete the "Home" column if the website starts freezing up.
  • Read and respond to what others have to say, further the conversation
  • It's ok to lurk...but try to jump in when you can
  • Don't forget to include the #tlap hashtag in your tweets! 

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