Sunday, July 26, 2015

Google Classroom Crash Course (Part 2)

I dabbled in using Google Classroom at the end of this school year.  I want to work on utilizing other features, such as student comments and posts.  In general, just more use on the student side than a place for assignment list and links.

I want my students to communicate within Google Classroom for Bellringer/Do Now activities...and I want to be prepared for the "can of worms" that is students posting comments.

I met with another teacher in my building who had been using Google Classroom for her Bellringer activities during last school year to get some insight and feedback.

  • Students need to learn digital citizenship and self-monitoring in the context of classwork.
  • Google Classroom allows for individual students to be muted, but otherwise students can comment on assignments or announcements when student commenting is on.
  • Questions with a finite answer can result in students just copying once another student has commented, so an assignment can be created to allow "hidden" responses that can be seen and commented on by the teacher(s) and individual student.
  • I want to look into using Google Drawings to have students type/draw their answers to submit for certain types of problems.  For example: Algebra works on Functions for a great portion of the year.  Students could graph, solve, and identify information within a pre-made Google Drawing and then submit through the Google Classroom assignment.
Reflection (September 2015)
  • What do I like about student commenting?

  • What do I need to further explore or change?

Bottom Line
-"Just keep swimming" -Dory, Finding Nemo

How are you using Google Classroom?

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