Tuesday, June 7, 2016

LAUNCHing a maker project

A rock shattered the rear window on my car today.  It was an awful thing, but it doesn't mean I had a bad day.  It was inconvenient, but it doesn't mean I let it ruin my afternoon or week for that matter.

My students began working on a maker project building Roller Coasters from cardboard (and various materials) yesterday.  It's a design thinking lesson from Launch, a new book out by AJ Juliani and John Spencer.

The part I have enjoyed the most so far is seeing students who are quiet during academics come alive and get involved during this activity.  Our casualties so far have been: 2 X-acto knives, 1 hot glue gun, and about 38 egos.  The former two wore out due to continued use.  The latter is for the better.

Yesterday afternoon, one student moved up to me to ask a question, but hesitated.
Student: Is it ok if I...no it's probably not.  Never mind.
Me: Just ask the question.
Student: Is it ok if we work on this at home and bring pieces in?
Me: Absolutely.  Any specific ideas you were thinking?
Student: We might do some welding.


WHAT?!  (A few things while I let this sink in)
1. Student wants to work on something for MY class outside of class?!  That's a rarity during the school year.
2. Student is interested in welding and is thinking outside the box, literally metal not cardboard.
3. How awesome is that?!

Yeah, it's been kind of an amazing week.

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